About MobyClick

Mobile phone showing Robyn BatemanHi, I’m Robyn. After eight years in print journalism, and nine online, I’m tackling an MA in Online Journalism (part-time, via distance learning) with Birmingham City University.

This site is the result of a ‘production labs’ module (meaning dabble with something pretty extensively) in which I focused on mobile journalism.

What is a mojo?

My interpretation of ‘mobile journalism’ (#mojo) is made up of three elements:

a) a single person

b) out in the field

c) using a smartphone

The smartphone enables a single person to become storyteller, designer, technologist and publisher all at once. Does this make storytelling easier? Well, it certainly gives you a lot of control over your stories but it’s no meant feat. That’s a lot of skills to role into one person.

Hopefully, if you’re interested in mojo (and want to find yours, like I found mine), then some of the information on this site will help you.

What’s in a name?

Why is this site called MobyClick? Well, take moby to mean mobile, click to mean shooting video and taking photos, and combine them to be a journalistic play on the book title Moby Dick which means I get to throw a whale in there too. And everyone loves a whale.

Robyn Bateman, July 2016