Your phone, your apps and personal preferences

Fascinated what apps people carry round with them on their mobile phones? And, more to the point, the ones they actually use? I’m finding new ones and ditching others all the time. But here, as of August 2016, these are the apps on my iPhone 6S (which I used for work). It’s 64GB and needs to be, do I don’t have to worry about running out of storage for apps, video files or images.

Scroll through the gallery above to see my mobile apps

My personal phone, an iPhone 5S, is 16GB and I have to delete something off it pretty much every time I take a photo, which is irritating. And it includes more domestic apps like shopping sites, discount websites and entertainment apps which are more appropriate to the personal strand of my life.

The apps I don’t have in folders, down the bottom of the screen, are the one I use daily: Wunderlist for making lists, Buffer for scheduling social media links, Safari for internet access, email for email (doh!) and Instapaper for saving anything awesome and relevant to mojo in one place so I can read it later. Check out my post on my nine favourite apps (for now!).

In once sense it’s a pain having two phones to carry around, but it goes someway to helping keep the work/life balance. My work phone doesn’t have a sim either, so I can’t use it for calls which means I really do have to carry the two phones around, particularly if there’s no or low wifi signal.

Top tip!

It’s still safer to put your phone on airplane mode when recording so you’re not disturbed by any kind of notification – it could ruin an awesome story.

So, the above photo gallery shoes the apps on my phone, or at least the ones relevant to mojo – split into folders titled video, audio, images, creative, transfer and notes (some apps fit into more than one category so just go with it).

What apps do you use? And how to you organise them on your phone?


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