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Useful reading (& listening)

If knowledge is power, then soaking up all of the below should make you pretty powerful. Because mobile journalism is still emerging and hasn’t yet made it into the mainstream, plenty of people are talking about it, exploring it and showing you how to do it better. Check out some of these useful resources below.

What to listen to

This chat with mobile journalist and smartphone video instructor Robb Montgomery…

What to read

Journalims.co.uk offers some useful articles on mobile journalism, including this one on the basics

Online Journalism Blog

A Field Guide for Mobile Journalism

Back Channel


Who to network with

Subscribe to this list of mobile journalism-related people, places and products

And here are some people you could learn a lot from:

Glen Mulcahy

Robb Montgomery

Christian Payne

Jennifer D Begg

Paul Bradshaw

Neal Augenstein

Mark Blank-Settle

Nick Garnett

Philip Bromwell

Courses to indulge in

Digital content creation for beginners (free resources)

Robb Montgomery’s video journalism courses on Udemy

How to easily create smartphone videos (eBook)


Where to go



Updated: July 2016

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