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What’s (in) your bag?

To be a mobile journalist with any hope of capturing some decent content, you’ll need a bit of kit to help you. What you buy and how much you invest depends on your needs and your circumstances. Here are some examples – go forth, test kit and create your own mojo bag. And the best way to find out about what else is on the market? Delve into someone else’s kit bag (but ask them first!)…

The basics

Jennifer D Begg runs a digital marketing consultancy and is ahead of the curve when it comes to all things content, social and mobile. It’s thanks to her that I started to dabble with mojo kit. These are her basic recommendations…


The basics plus

I’m a working mum of two so bag space is limited for me. At worst, I have my phone and an external mic that clips to my house keys. At best, I have my mojo bag with me, including pretty much everything I need. This is a topped up version of Jennifer’s list above and, for me, includes two phones – my personal one (low storage, have to delete a billion photos to be able to do anything on it)  and my mojo one (64gb, enough storage to record loads, edit loads, dabble with apps loads).


Go pro

Christian Payne, AKA, Documentally, is the king of kit bag and if there’s a new gadget or tool, he’s probably tried it. Below is his kit list for 2015 and here’s an updated 2016 version.


Go pro

Robb Montgomery knows everything there is to know about making videos on a mobile phone and if you sign up for one of his Smart Film School courses you’ll find out just how much there is to learn. Robb’s knows his kit and while his weapon of choice is an iPhone, his courses give the Android alternatives too. This video shows his preferred basic mojo kit but you can read more about his gear on his website.


And remember…

A microphone windscreen costs under five dollars at any music store or online, yet it’s the most important accessory for #iphonereporting

That’s according to experienced iPhone reporter Neal Augenstein. So if you’re going to invest in something, make it a wind sock or some kind of microphone. Bad audio = bad content.

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    […] What’s (in) your bag? […]

  • Reply Find your mojo - MobyClick August 7, 2016 at 7:04 pm

    […] What’s (in) your bag? […]

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